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Oil & Gas Field Services

Oil & Gas Field Services

Minuteman Environmental provides both conventional oil and gas field services and 24 hour emergency response services. For emergency spill cleanup or routine tank cleaning, Minuteman has the equipment you need.
Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Minuteman Environmental provides a 24 hour on call emergency response to any HAZMAT incident. With 8 locations throughout northeastern and central Pennsylvania, Minuteman can provide a quick emergency response to our customers throughout the mid-Atlantic region.
Vacuum Truck Services

Vacuum Truck Services

Minuteman Environmental has 130 barrel tanker trailers to safely and efficiently transport almost any type of product. Our state of the art tank transfer unit can transfer 98% of all products on today’s market, including flammable liquids and corrosive materials.
Roll-off Container Services

Roll-off Container Services

Minuteman Environmental offers complete roll-off and container services for the collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste materials. Our containers can be used for temporary storage, off site disposal and during emergencies.

Minuteman Environmental

24 hour emergency response services. 5 convenient locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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About Minuteman Environmental Services

Minuteman Environmental Services provides Emergency Response, Tank Cleaning, Transportation and Spill Prevention resources to various industries. The industries we serve are:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Government
  • Transportation
  • General Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Engineering and Consulting
  • Retail
  • Utilities

Minuteman Environmental Services cleans up hazardous sites to the pre-incident condition with our top quality vacuum trucks and heavy equipment. We also provide spill prevention resources and training. Our vacuum trucks and trailers efficiently transport nearly any type of waste. Our high quality equipment is able to transport 98% of all materials on today’s market.

Whether hazardous or non-hazardous materials, our state of the art transfer system can transport and safely transfer materials, including flammable and corrosive substances. We safely and cost-effectively transport both solid and liquid materials.

Our skilled employees, along with our 130 barrel tanker trailers, clean and transport all types of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Vacuum truck services include:

  • Transporting and disposal of solids, dry, and liquid substances
  • Cleaning of Tanks
  • Complete Regulatory Compliance
  • Trained Equipment Operators and Drivers
  • Vessel-to-vessel transfer
  • Documentation

Quick emergency response team responds to emergency spills 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will back fill, grade and landscape the spill site to the pre-incident condition.

Minuteman Environmental Services also offers a complete array of roll off and container services to transport and dispose of solid waste. Our containers may be used for temporary storage or off site disposal, in addition to emergency clean-up. We offer all sizes of containers to accommodate your need. Schedule a pickup and delivery when convenient, whether on a one-time basis or as a regularly scheduled service. Safety is the Number One priority of our company.

Waste Management may be a complicated issue for some clients. Minuteman Environmental Services will simplify the process of waste transportation and disposal. We transport and dispose of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

Minuteman Environmental Provides Oil & Gas Field Services

Minuteman Environmental Oil and Gas Field Services offers 24 hour emergency response services to for emergency spill cleaning. Minuteman Environmental will also perform routine tank cleaning with our equipment. We utilize vacuum trucks and specialty pumps to provide quick clean-up and tank cleaning services.

Minuteman also provides hydraulic fracturing fluid services, such as frac tanks, for storing contents temporarily onsite, collection of frac liquid, as well as transportation and disposal of the liquid.

The company’s vacuum trucks and trained staff enable quick emergency clean-up in the field to fully restore the site to pre-incident conditions. We offer site remediation services for all gas and oil applications, regardless of complexity or size. We have the equipment for the job. We will also perform soil excavation of contaminated soil. We have all of the necessary equipment to fully replace the soil and landscape for restoration of the site.

Minuteman offers the full spectrum of site remediation and clean-up for any oil or gas field issue. When we arrive at a site, we perform a site analysis and sampling. We then follow through with authorized disposal of the hazardous material and then fully restore the site. We remove contaminated and potentially contaminated soil, and then replace the soil to restore the site.

We have the equipment and the expertise to fully restore the site to pre-incident condition. Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency response clean-ups.

Governor Corbett’s Visit

minuteman-environmentalRecently, the Governor of Pennsylvania visited Minuteman Environmental Service’s facility headquarters at Milton Industrial Park. The Governor’s February 9th visit prompted him to laud the company as an “American success story.” The Governor’s acclaims included praises of employment growth, innovation and the effective leadership of founder and President Brian Bolus.

The Minuteman Environmental Services company was founded in 1991 by Bolus with just one employee. Today, Minuteman Environmental employs 150 workers at multiple Pennsylvania locations. Originally conceived as a towing company, August of 2010 witnessed the expansion of the company’s offerings to include environmental cleanup and transportations services.

The company provides vacuum truck and transport services for quick emergency spill cleanup. In addition, the company offers a wide range of disposal services for solid and liquid waste. Governor Corbett chose the location from which to deliver his budget press conference in part because the Minuteman Environmental Services company shows how economic growth can work in the state under optimal conditions.

Corbett commented that Minuteman Environmental Services was a family business and these types of businesses play a large role in the economic growth of the state and region. The Governor’s economic plan supports and partners with businesses like Minuteman Environmental Services to provide opportunities for employment for citizens of Pennsylvania. Minuteman is proud to provide employment opportunities for residents of Pennsylvania and we deeply appreciate recognition from the Governor’s office.

Equipment for Oil & Gas Field Services

No matter the size or complexity of the spill, Minuteman Environmental Services has the equipment for cleanup and restoration of the site. Our equipment includes HAZMAT response trucks, excavators, bulldozers, site restoration equipment and vehicles, roll-off container trucks and a mobile command center with satellite communications. To traverse rough terrain, we will bring in the Kobuta RTV 9000 utility vehicle.

Our emergency response units clean up and transport any solid or liquid waste. Our mobile command center is utilized for jobs that are remotely located or require extensive time to restore. Whether you need routine tank cleaning or an emergency spill cleanup, our equipment will transport and store any type of waste.

Our vacuum trucks with specialty pumps provide 24 hour emergency cleanup services and then transport the waste to an approved disposal center. We also provide hydraulic fracing fluid services to temporarily store, collect, transport and dispose of the fluid.

For cleanup in waterways, our River and Lake Boom Deployment team is ready to go into service. We install containment mechanisms and monitor polluted waters. We use a Manta Ray Skimmer to remove hazardous waste from the surface of the water. This device is used extensively after flooding.

We have a large fleet of heavy equipment and earth-moving vehicles to completely restore the spill site. We will bring in soil to replace contaminated soil and restore the site to pre-incident conditions.

Marcellus Shale Drilling Support Services

Minuteman Environmental Services is a leading provider of oil and gas drilling support services for companies working in the Marcellus Shale area in Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania. Minuteman is a PEMA certified entity and a member of the “PEC Premier’s Contractor Assistance Program.”

Vacuum Trucks and Heavy Equipment

With our exhaustive inventory of heavy equipment and vehicles, Minuteman can meet or exceed all of your waste management expectations. We take care of waste disposal from start to finish. We will classify, profile, pack and transport waste to an authorized disposal facility. We collect waste into our vacuum trucks using specialty pumps and equipment, and then ensure that the waste is property disposed of.

Tank Cleaning

Minuteman Environmental Services also provides large tank cleaning services to companies drilling in the Marcellus Shale region. We are trained and certified in confined space entry processes.

Secondary Containment Layer

We also provide weather resistant secondary containment liners for hydraulic fracing applications. The liners may be welded together which produces a durable, customized liner for extra protection.

Water Hauling

Minuteman Environmental Services will haul water for hydraulic applications and drilling in the Marcellus Shale region. Our water hauling services include hauling fresh water and disposal of waste frac water.

Find out more about Minuteman Environmental Services at www.minutemanspill.com.